First dance of the season

posted 27 Sep 2016, 09:17 by Sue Savage

Eileen, Michael, Margaret and Sue all headed to Market Harborough on 24th September for the first dance of the season.

Music was provided by the incredible Ian Slater and his accordion.  As well as the traditional tunes, for the encore of City of Belfast he had us dancing to such unlikely tunes as Big Spender and the Pink Panther theme.

We enjoyed the traditional bring and share supper and even brought home the odd raffle prize.

Autumn dancing resumes

posted 15 Sep 2016, 01:44 by Sue Savage

Dancing resumed on 6th September, with somewhat reduced numbers as quite a few people were still on holiday!  An increase in room hire charges meant that the price per night has had to increase - although at £2 it's still one of the lowest priced evenings out in Northampton.

We are practicing dances from the programme of the upcoming Market Harborough dance, including old favourites like Pelorus Jack and some less familiar ones such as the Wisp of Thistle and St Andrews Fair.

Christmas Party Night 2015

posted 22 Dec 2015, 04:07 by Sue Savage

We rounded off the year with the traditional party night, with dances selected over the previous few weeks, including Dundee City Police, Butterscotch and Honey, The Highland Rambler and our very own dance, Kinky Boots.  The buffet dinner was once again enlivened by Phil's amazing meringues, amongst other tempting treats.


posted 29 Jun 2014, 04:42 by Sue Savage

The last night before the summer break was the 24th of June, and we celebrated by dancing a selection of our favourite dances, and enjoying strawberries and cream.  This year we also had delicious meringues, provided by Phil, whose culinary skills had previously been demonstrated on his birthday with some delicious cakes.

Dancing will resume in September, on Tuesday 9th.

Dancing in the New Year

posted 6 Jan 2014, 04:29 by Sue Savage

Northampton made an impressive showing at the Hogmanay dance, with fourteen dancers and our numbers further swelled by non-dancing partners.  The programme included a few easier dances such as the Dashing White Sergeant, to allow the non-dancers to join their partners on the floor.  The new year was seen in with a trumpet and a barrage of party poppers.

But the fun wasn't quite over for six dancers who attended the Bedford Ceilidh on 4th January.  This more relaxed evening included a lot more of the simpler ceilidh dances and barn dances as well as Scottish Country, and also featured demonstrations from the Bedford team, and from a local English country dance group.  We were also entertained with highland dancing and bagpipes.  Music was from Peter Scatterty and his accordion, although at times we were sure we could hear fiddles, ukelele, and even a choir!

St Andrews at Elm Bank

posted 12 Dec 2013, 07:46 by Sue Savage

On Thursday 28th November (two days before St Andrews Day) a group of nine dancers paid a visit to Elm Bank care home in Kettering to dance for the residents.

We performed a few of our favourite dances:
Scott Meikle
The Dreamcatcher
Switchin' Bobbins
Wind on Loch Fyne
Mairi's Wedding

Michael also told us all a little bit about St Andrew - enlightening for residents and dancers alike.

A dance, a new dance and new dancers

posted 3 Oct 2013, 01:47 by Sue Savage

Seven members of Northampton Scottish Country Dancers attended the Market Harborough dance in September, where we were accompanied not by the usual CDs, but by the superb accordian playing of Ian Slater.  Definitely a name to look out for on future dance programmes.

Another new dance made its debut at Northampton.  "Northampton Lighthouse", a five couple hornpipe, is inspired by the lift testing tower that dominates the Northampton skyline.  The dance proved popular and is sure to make another appearance soon.

And at our latest meeting, we were delighted to welcome no less than three new members - although one of them is technically an old member, having been a member of Northampton Scottish Country Dancers back before some of us even learned to dance.

Strawberries and Cream

posted 26 Jun 2013, 06:25 by Sue Savage

Eight of us joined the Milton Keynes class on Monday for their last dance of the season, and found the traditional strawberries and cream were accompanied by shortbread biscuits in the shape of little Scottie dogs.  They were certainly more popular than the dance 'Shortbread Fingers', a surprisingly difficult strathspey.  Fortunately the rest of the programme had plenty of old favourites to keep us on our feet.
Our own dance on Tuesday also included strawberries and cream, plus a few more of those shortbread Scotties.   The programme was made up of dances requested the week before, so we danced old and new favourites including 'The Highland Rambler', 'Pelorus Jack', 'Dundee City Police' and 'Scott Meikle'.  Val presented Eileen and Michael with a bouquet and bottle as thanks for teaching us throughout the year.  We concluded the night with 'Shiftin' Bobbins'.

Summer Nights

posted 6 Jun 2013, 03:19 by Sue Savage

Northampton made its presence felt at the local summer dances, with eight people attending the Bedford summer ball and eleven at the Market Harborough dance.

Bedford proved to be a challenging night - not because of the dances, but because of the exceptionally hard and slippery floor.  But that didn't stop us dancing into the night, even if some of the later dances saw us a little less light on our feet than before.  Bedford laid on the usual fantastic spread for dinner, with an irresistable selection of desserts.  Accompanying it all was the superb Strathallen band.

Market Harborough played host once more to the fantastic Robert Whitehead and the Danelaw band, this time with a brand new fiddler.  Along with a good dance programme, they kept us on our feet all night, only pausing for the buffet dinner with lashings of cream for the desserts.

A new dance for Northampton

posted 6 Mar 2013, 01:36 by Sue Savage

A brand new Scottish country dance has had its debut at Northampton Scottish Country Dancers.  "Kinky Boots," inspired by the film of the same name, was devised by Sue Savage and is already a big hit with the group.  More dances inspired by famous Northampton landmarks may well be on the way as ideas are beginning to flow.

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