Dancing in the New Year

Post date: 06-Jan-2014 12:29:41

Northampton made an impressive showing at the Hogmanay dance, with fourteen dancers and our numbers further swelled by non-dancing partners. The programme included a few easier dances such as the Dashing White Sergeant, to allow the non-dancers to join their partners on the floor. The new year was seen in with a trumpet and a barrage of party poppers.

But the fun wasn't quite over for six dancers who attended the Bedford Ceilidh on 4th January. This more relaxed evening included a lot more of the simpler ceilidh dances and barn dances as well as Scottish Country, and also featured demonstrations from the Bedford team, and from a local English country dance group. We were also entertained with highland dancing and bagpipes. Music was from Peter Scatterty and his accordion, although at times we were sure we could hear fiddles, ukelele, and even a choir!