Strawberries and Cream

Post date: 26-Jun-2013 13:25:39

Eight of us joined the Milton Keynes class on Monday for their last dance of the season, and found the traditional strawberries and cream were accompanied by shortbread biscuits in the shape of little Scottie dogs. They were certainly more popular than the dance 'Shortbread Fingers', a surprisingly difficult strathspey. Fortunately the rest of the programme had plenty of old favourites to keep us on our feet.

Our own dance on Tuesday also included strawberries and cream, plus a few more of those shortbread Scotties. The programme was made up of dances requested the week before, so we danced old and new favourites including 'The Highland Rambler', 'Pelorus Jack', 'Dundee City Police' and 'Scott Meikle'. Val presented Eileen and Michael with a bouquet and bottle as thanks for teaching us throughout the year. We concluded the night with 'Shiftin' Bobbins'.